Privacy and confidentiality are important attributes for many buildings including courts, boardrooms and hospitals.

Derby Ceilings and Interiors has extensive experience of sound insulation on both new build and retrofit projects.

Many of the standard ceiling and partition systems include high performance acoustic options. Specifications on certain projects, however, can be even more exacting. For example, at Derby Coroner's Court a cloth covered wall panel was specified to act as a soundsoak, and on many of Derby Ceilings and Interiors' projects for mental health trusts a sound attenuation level(?) of only 5dB is demanded to ensure total confidentiality.

Derby Ceilings and Interiors is particularly strong in the market of increasing the sound absorbency of existing ceilings. We do this by placing sound barrier mats on the back of the existing suspended ceiling panels.

"Compared to only a few years ago there is far more attention paid to sound insulation. The feedback I've received from clients is that sound insulation is one of the features valued most highly by their staff when they move in to their newly refurbished facilities."

John Chambers.

Sound insulation systems used include: