In recent years, half of Derby Ceilings and Interiors' turnover has come from turnkey projects where we have managed the project from concept, through detailed design and construction or fit-out , to hand-over and ongoing maintenance.

"Many clients are asking us to provide a total project management service. The client loves the transparency and control which having a single point of contact provides although those who have had bad contractual experiences in the past tend initially to describe the key benefit as having 'only one backside to kick'! The control element is particularly important when there are health and safety implications, such as in clean room environments, or facilities where food is stored and handled. It also helps on complex and awkward projects."

"I prefer turnkey projects because they allow us to showcase our full range of skills. Having a direct line to the client improves communications, and the ability to select and manage specialist sub-contractors means we can be more responsive and productive."

"Taking what many clients feel is a problem, creating a design vision, and then transforming that vision in to a functional reality is incredibly satisfying - and experience has shown that we're pretty good at it as well."

John Chambers.