The fire lining undertaken by Derby Ceilings and Interiors is rarely visible but plays a vital role in a structure's ability to resist fire damage.

At its most basic, fire lining consists of boxing in steelwork to protect structural integrity in the event of a fire. 'Encasement' can be supplied in many different colours and types depending on the specific application. Special fire-resistant partitions, curtains and barriers can be installed to further enhance the ability of employees to reach safety should fire take hold.

Many of the suspended ceilings installed by Derby Ceilings and Interiors are designed to incorporate sprinkler systems. For example the open cell ceilings often used in retail environments.

"Fire lining is sometimes viewed as a Cinderella activity compared to partitions and ceilings because it is functional and out of sight rather than contributing to the visual aesthetic of a structure. But you only have to watch the news to see how terrifying and destructive fire can be. I see our role as maximising fire protection for the client at a price he or she can afford."

John Chambers.

Fire lining systems used include: