"CAD can never replace face-to-face contact with client"

"When I speak to some suppliers they speak of CAD in almost hushed, reverential tones. I don't share their enthusiasm.

"In my experience nothing can replace the organic process of sitting down with a client, identifying the physical and budgetary constraints, prioritising their needs and wishes - and then working together to evolve a design which meets their aesthetic and functional requirements. The real world isn't a place for 'one size fits all', system-built, so-called 'solutions'."

"The team at Derby Ceilings and Interiors has a wealth of creative commercial design experience. In reality, though, it is often the more mundane practical design advice which clients value the most. For example, why install full-height glass partitioning if you intend storing items against it?"

John Chambers.

When designing interiors for clients we ensure that all relevant building regulations are complied with, as well as statutory legislative requirements such as the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). The implications of the DDA may include, for example, a requirement for doors to be a different colour from the frame, light switch positions being made more accessible, and doors being wider.

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